New Year Update

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I swear this year I’ll update more!
I’m mostly active on Instagram and Facebook–you can easily find me under jennigregory at either place .  Boring, I know.

So what’s been happening.  Got to do a couple of covers for the fine folks at American Mythology.  Here’s my Casper cover.  It’s supposed to be out this week or last, but I’ve not seen it.  Our local comic shop didn’t order  any.  Gah!
It was a lot of fun to do.  Actually it was a dream to do–I LOVED Casper cartoons so it was a super treat for me.  I’ve never done licensed stuff on this scale.  You do your doodle, send it off, it has to get approved by DreamWorks, ya make the fixes, do the colors, make the fixes send it off again…It’s super different then creator owned work.  I’d love to do more  and absolutely hope I can.  I also learned that covers are one thing–licensed panel to panel stuff is for da big kids lol.

Anyway, If you find it in your local shop, post a pic of you holding it send me your snail mail and I might send ya a quick doodle!

A princess, a love struck troll, and a dryad all walk into…

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Last week this whimsical castle photo popped up in my Facebook timeline.  The image has been rattling around my noggin for the last couple days so I thought I’d put it to use.
I really wanted this tower for my studio, but I think a princess, a lovelorn troll and dryad live here already.

Next up on my fairy tale theme adventure…
Something wicked this way comes…

!!Green tower Troll n lady largeClick images to imbiggen.

Wanna buy some of my books?

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So if if you’re wanting to buy some of my books go to and you can download many of them for FrEe!!!
Or buy ’em in print and I’ll happily sign them and even do a doodle in them.
Go here:

957291 10613027_850482344964716_8131364622301500525_n 11078078_10153774910762067_832926609768496766_o

Sketch cards from various sketch card sets.

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The sets are long since sold out, but again you can find things on Ebay every now and again.

Speakeasy4 Speakeasy5 Speakeasy6 Speakeasy7 Speakeasy8 Speakeasy9 Speakeasy10 Speakeasy11 Speakeasy12 Speakeasy14 Speakeasy15 Speakeasy16 Speakeasy17

Family is everything

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July 4th no layerssm !!maybeNewYearsNO TEXT USE






I try to do quick doodles of our family for special events.  This was our July 4th and New Years doodles I did.

Here birdie, birdie, birdie!

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If you know me, you know I love birds!

At one time we had 23 birds in our house–mostly finches but still.  They’re a lot of work, smarter then you or me and utterly beautiful to watch.

I hope to have them in or house again sometime.


!!parrotssketch pARROTBW pARROTcolorflatpARROTletteredSM

Fairy tales

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I’m a huge fan of fairy tales!  Here’s some of the things I’ve been working on.  I’ll have posters for sale shortly.


Where possible I also included the basic sketch idea I started off with.
Cuz you know…process.

beauty n beastieBW beauty n beastie lowrezmardi gras FLATbigBmardi grasflatrsleeping beauty full size jpgmardi grassketchbeauty and the heastie Header rapunzelsaturatedSM


Cute as a Button sketch card series from ChadPops!

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Here’s some of the sketch cards I did for the awesome ChadPops Ent. for their all-ages sketch card series “Cute As a Button”.  It was a pleasure to work on these.  I had a blast and it opened up a whole bunch of story ideas for me!

The sketch card is sold out, but you can find original pieces up on Ebay if you search my name or…ChadPops!

12507130_10153309184575808_5789102334060511376_n blue carnivorous double froggy Gargoyle1 gargoyle2 Mermaid midevil mushroom orange snail Unicorn1 unicorn2 viking worm

Happy Halloween!

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Yeah, it’s a year old two old (just updated it to get more solid blacks and fix some lines) but it’s a fun one.
Have a great Halloween!HalloweensHeader cheerleadersm WitchySM catflatsmall

Monster Monday!

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I finished today’s monster mania.  I’m not particularly fond of my colors–I hardly ever am.  I’m NOT a computer colorist but I’m trying to get more comfortable with that.
Adding the Invisible Man was a last minute thing.  I’d completed the whole drawing and was about to start coloring but thought there was too much dead space (ha!) in the background so I put in the hat and glasses and VOILA!  the Invisible Man appeared 🙂
Here’s also the steps…from rough, toMonsterssneak peakMonsterflabt MonstesmallAink to color.




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