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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Days like these

There are very few things I hate more then sorting thru the kids clothes that they have outgrown and boxing them up. It’s physically painful. I bawled like a baby the first time (ok, subsequent sortings haven’t gone much better either) I sorted Chloe’s clothing that she’d outgrown. Now that Fox is growing like a weed, I’ve had to start going thru his clothes because he’s outgrown so many things! I thought it would get easier.

It’s like you hold each dress, or outfit, shirt, pair of pants and you remember some event associated with it. I loathed the day I packed up Chloe’s beautiful going home from the hospital dress and the other day I had to put Fox’s going home outfit up. Not a pretty sight for me.

Both the kids are so tall. Chloe isn’t even 2 1/2 and she’s in mostly 4T clothing. Fox would fit comfortably in 12 month old clothing except for the fact the boy doesn’t have a butt and his pants fall off, so we have to put him in 3-6 month old bottoms. Most of his bazillion onesies he’s outgrown.

Barry’s Mom told me that you just burn thru baby clothes…you hardly get the “new” out of ’em before you have to get bigger sizes.

I couldn’t be prouder and happier, and I realize what an honor it is that I get to see the kids grow and change each day, yet I also just want to slow down time and savor each moment little bit more.

Can you two just slow down a little bit for me? Please?

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Friday, January 27, 2006


Day 27 into the new year and most everything is going swimmingly. My change of diet habits are going really well (down 15lbs, so yea there), trying to write more (I’ll give a little so-so hand quiver there–still plugging away, could do better), doing more art (big YEAH there). But the housework thingie… not so good.
I tried to put some laundry away the other day and when I went to my clothing drawer there was a huge layer of dust on top of my bureau. I ran my hand over the surface and it came away a nasty grey/green color.
Turns out that I disturbed…THEM. The dust bunnies are now attacking.
Can’t say I blame them…my house DOES seems to be prime breeding territory for ’em. I don’t desturb the local colony of dust bunnies too much (I dare say hardly ever), and they seem to find things to eat since they are quite plentiful in many of the houses vast areas –they just want to live and multiply.
I think this give me an excuse now to just let them be.

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Monday, January 16, 2006


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Monday, January 16, 2006

Artistic moose

Artistic Moose
What a rack!

So after much thought and many years, I bought it. I certainly didn’t think it would still be available, but my dear friends at said that was up for grabs. I always joked that I didn’t have an artistic muse, I had an artistic MOOSE and now I officially do!
I tried to buy, but it was gone. What odd photos they have there. Hmph.
I don’t have a use for it, don’t know what I’ll do with it, ain’t nuthin’ there now, but it is now mine. Alllll mine.


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Thursday, January 12, 2006

It’s a simple concept.

Ok, so our subdivison just got containers to start recycling. I’m really happy about that. It’s a simple concept folks. We can recycle paper, plastic products, and aluminum. The recycle truck comes on Thursday mornings…only. I don’t have a problem with that at all.

We’ve been teaching Chloe how to use the big yellow bin. She knows that we put the plastic green Diet Mt Dew bottles (of which there are FAAaaaarrrrr to many) in it, and her empty milk cartons. I taught her to say ‘I’m saving the planet’ each time we take something out to the bin.

So as I’m walking around the neighborhood (in my effort to excersise more) all through the neighborhood so many people just leave their bins out on the street with just regular gargage in it. Nothing even remotely recycleable. Grrrrr.

Then I got to noticing what else was in the bins. Our neighborhood– trash, nasty gargage and cheap beer. Then I noticed when I walk around in the rich neighborhood to the left of ours–they do it right, and also don’t leave these ugly ol’ bins out everyday. I know there’s a lot of Brits overthere and all I can say is damn, they drink alot! Huge multiple wine bottles and TONS of beer bottles. The Brits may drink themselves silly, but at least they recyle.

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Sunday, January 8, 2006


At the start of each New Year, I like to make… changes. I hate the term New Year’s resolution. Some of my “changes” I’m making are:

1. Take better care of myself. Which means more excersise and watching my blood sugar. Ever since I had gestational diabetes with Fox, read the literature, got scared silly and realized I ain’t getting younger, taking better care of myself for my family means more.

2. Be better about cleaning the house. I absolutely despise housework. I love a spottlessly clean house mind you, but the drudgery, boredom, and work involved in keeping a house clean is daunting and just plane boring to do. Just where is my magic broomstick that will sweep the kitchen floors for me? The manual one I got is hard too handle.

3. Work more. Comic book work–the good stuff. Writting. Story telling. Drawing panel to panel stuff. Getting my hands dirty on the paper again. I’ve missed it and neglected it. My damn artistic Moose has granted me with a couple ideas of late, and I want to get busy with it.
So, I’m going to work each week for at least 3 hours on SOMETHING comic related. If I can do more, then saints be praised and that will get me that much more ahead. My artistic moose is tired of being neglected and has been prodding me in my ever so ample tuchis to work.

4. Color my hair BACK to blond. DING! DING! DING! Done it. We are officially back in blond. I missed it. I went MUCH lighter then I have ever been, but I think blond lightens my considerably dark mood. I liked being dark, and I love being red, but blond is good.

5. Be better about doing laundry. Now, one might argue that laundry could fall under the catagory of housework.
But oohhhh no, my friend. The undertaking of laundry falls somewhere between a herculean task and endless torment in one of the inner rings of an obscure level of hell.
No matter HOW many loads I do a day, with 4 people in the family, the torture never ever ends.
Fox, being the new and very messy eater that he is, goes thru more bibs then I can ever keep up with each day, and it doesn’t help that Chloe goes thru a few outfit changes a day her ownself depending on potty training progess (i.e. hull breaches), and how she feels from moment to moment.
Laundry is in and of itself a much more arduous and thankless task than any mad bout of housecleaning. A long day spent cleaning even the most grungiest of bathrooms does NOT equate with doing even a single load of laundry. This includes folding.

And then there’s putting AWAY the laundry. Blah. Try finding time to do THAT when
one of the kids is demanding your attention, you want to work, or one of them is asleep in the room you need to go in to put the folded or hung clothes away. Madness.

In short, there are very few things I hate more then laundry.

6. Find the damn creature that lives in the dryer and steals all the socks around this place.

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