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Friday, February 10, 2006

It isn’t easy being green

The sickness came upon us suddenly. I got it first. Nasty tummy, chills, nausia, dehydration. It started last Wednesday (of course it WOULD happen in my day off!). Then Barry got it really, REALLY bad on Thursday. I had to work a gig that night for a couple hours, but by the time I was coming home, Barry called to say that Chloe had it really bad, too. Poor thing had never vomited, and was acting like a real trooper.

We all were pretty weak and listless. All we wanted to do was sleep and lay around…even Miss Usually Always Bouncy Chloe!

We called in sick on Friday…Barry was too weak to take care of both the kids himself, and I wasn’t up to going back to work yet either. So we just laid around the whole day feeling crappy.

It wasn’t fun. We think it was food poisoning. Food is still hard to stomache, but at least we’re doing better.

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