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Friday, March 31, 2006

Eventually they do sleep….right?

So The Girl has gotten into this mode where she sneaks into our room about 3:00 every night. Sometimes earlier. Sometimes later. Sometimes she silent, other times she’s wailing from a nightmare she’s semi-awake from.
But either way, in bed she climbs.
How The Girl sees in the dark house to find our room, we’ll never know. But her supergirl night vision allows her to find us.
Most nights she just hogs the whole queen sized bed. Somehow she wedges herself between us. Then begins the tossing and turning…she shifts position so many times. A couple times she’s woken us up as she lays her feet across Barry and her head on my tummy and pushes–still asleep. Really pushes! Barry ends up jammed up against his side of the bed, and I practically get pushed OUT of bed.
Other nights, she climbs into bed with us and wants to play. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce on the waterbed. Or have us get her water. Grrrr.
But luckily we both strangely enough don’t mind. I treasure the extra cuddle time. And how can you complain when you awaken in the mornings because your daughter is gently stroking your cheek?

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Who cheesed me off this week

Ok, it’s along list.

1. Brighthouse Digital Phone

Ok, I love that Brighthouse has digital cable phone service. This means I can call anywhere in the US, anytime, for free. A couple things my friends at Brighthouse won’t tell you is that you MAY or MAY NOT be able to get a line out to make that all important phone call. There are a bazillion times that I try to call out (usually to a 407 number) and I get this recorded message that says all circuits are busy. Helllloooo…I want my free phone call.

Othertimes I’m making a phone call and during the conversation this party line thing starts to happen. You can hear other peoples conversations going on. If they were interesting it would be one thing. Usually it’s pretty darn boring stuff.

Other thing that cheese me off about Brighthouse Digital Phone…there is this annoying hum on my phone. This happens at least 5 times a day and frankly it hurts my tender ears.

Come one Brighthouse. I love my cable TV but we need to work a bit more on the phone service.

2. Home Owners Insurance

So we got notice in the mail a day or so ago that our insurance company (Allstate–now known as Evil Incarnate) is canceling our home owners insurance because of all the hurricanes last year. WE never filed a claim. We shouldda, but we didn’t. We’ve never even bothered our dear friends at Allstate, but now we have until the end of our contract to find new home owners insurance. Ummm…have you LOOKED into home owners insurance in Florida? Yowza! It’s expensive!
Yeah. Like we control wrath of God type stuff.

3. Time.

Yep, time is on my list this week. Goes to damn quick, yet never stops. You can never have enought of it, and you always crave more. When you DO have it, you squander it. Yeah, time pissed me off this week pretty good, too.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

If I may, first a BIG HUGE WHOPPER of a thanks to my Barry. He fixed the web page and I can now upload freely and happily again.

I like computers. I really do. I’m one of the biggest gadget freak there is. But when it comes to the technical stuff…PFFFFT! Can’t do a darn thing there. I can’t understand how to actually build a web page, I can’t understand how to upload things to the net past this web page, and I certainly can’t understand web servers. I was THIS close to just scrapping all the blogs I’ve got, and giving up uploading photos and going back to plain ol’ scrap-booking by hand.

All I know is that I hate servers. A pox and a plague upon all web servers.

At least Barry understands and communicate with these evil vile things. So here we go, the web page is back in business!

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