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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

The children are sung in their beds, and I hear something on the roof…
A wonderful Christmas to EVERYONE!

Just remember…sometimes you don’t always get what you want…

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

The presents are pretty much wrapped. I got my presents off to my Mom and other brothers and sisters, as well as our Christmas cards out Friday…yeah…I’m bad. I meant to get them out waaaay earlier then this. But life got in the way.

The tree is looking mighty purtty. Chloe and I decorated it. It took me back to a time when I would decorate the tree with my mom. For a couple years during my college days it would be just the two of us. My other siblings had their own familes that they’d be with. We’d chit chat, hang some lights and toss some tinsel.

Then her question would come up that she said her mother asked her. “What do you think the new year will bring?”

I’d usually mumble something, being kinda uncomfortable and being a stupid teen caught between not knowing what to say and thinking impatiently that such a question was beneath me…yet knowing she wanted something communicated.

This year I asked my 3 year old. I understood what my Mom was really asking.

I carried out something that holds a lot of meaning. This question took my Mom back to decorating the tree with her Mother…long gone by the time I came around. Her question each time we decorated kinda binds us all just for a little while.

I never anwered it in the way I should or in the way she deserved. I never really opened up and gave her all the details and all the hopes and dreams I wanted for the year. But I understand the question a little more now. Thankfully I still have my Mom with me and true to form she did ask me during a phone call…What will the new year bring?

Maybe it’s just because I really need some brightness right now–but man, do I look forward to seeing everyones faces as they open their gifts. Barry and I had a blast planning for the kids–what would excite them the best, what will make them happy. Thankfully they aren’t old enough to want the “in” toys, clothes and gadets. Pretty much anything unwrappable will make them happy.

I’m THE worst cook. I didn’t do any holiday baking…mainly because Barry and I have sworn off sugar. But I remember the tons and tons of cookies and breads my Mom would make. I had so much fun decorating the cookies with pink, red, white and green frosting. Then Mom would make her famous Stollen bread. It was this German bread that had these little candied fruits in it. I don’t know if I even ever ate the stuff…but it was something that she did every Christmas. The we’d make plates up and run cookies and breads to our various neighbors. It’s fun to think of those times.

I want try to think of things to help our kids remember each Christmas. What really can you do when the oldest is just a little over 3? But we’re trying.

Sensory overload I guess is the chosen method..the smells of Christmas, the lights, the music. Tonight while Barry was at work and I put Molly in her harness that I wear in front of me, held Fox and Chloe by the hand and we walked the neighborhood looking at the lights. Being in Florida it just isn’t the same as walking around in snow looking at lights. I don’t think they’ll remember it, but it was bliss to me. Fox held tightly to my hand and squealed when we came to a house that had reindeers that lite up and moved. He found them particularly funny. Chloe just liked the lights. I just loved holding my two kids sweaty and sticky hands and walking. They won’t remember that walk this year, but I sure will.

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Congratulations to me…and you, and you, and also you…

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This week I was declared TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year 2006! Oh yeah—so was Barry and our whole family. And so were you.
Personally, I think Time kinda chintzed this

Usually, I always looked forward to the announcement of who the Person of the Year will be..this year…YOU???

I understand how we have become more “globalized” with our web pages and blogs. How we’ve become much more voyeuristic because of such pages. We can see anything that occures and a camera is present. I personally LOVE these sites. They are voyeuristic, yet intriguing, funny, damn scary and a great way to keep in touch.
But doesn’t it seem just a little…unimaginative on Time magazines part? Do YOU really rate highter then such notables (for better or for worse…PofY doesn’t mean they were always one of the good guys) Annan, Rumsfield, Bush, al-Sadr, Amedinejad, Obama, that Hussan guy, one of the Clintons, or how ’bout the new Senate and Congress?
There really wasn’t anyone else out there more worthy or noteable then…YOU? I mean, I do like you and all but really…
So can I now claim I’m Times Person of the Year 2006 on my resume??

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