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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all our favorite ghosts and ghouls!

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Now to get ready for the party at our crypt tonight!!!

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Chloe’s been doing about as much drawing as I have lately. Here’s her picture of whales…one of her favorite things to draw.

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The others being dolphins and giraffes.

This is her giraffe and her guy in a space suit.
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Works for me!

I am happy to report that my Halloween comic is virtually finished. Well, it’s missing color, but I’ve got the art all done…pencils, inks and still kinda scripting things here and there… but I’m calling it done.

I’m still trying to decide if I should color it via computer in Painter (I have absolutely NO knowledge of it so it’ll be a learn as I go kinda thing) and I get NO computer time–at home 3 kids all wanting something usually at the same time…I’m NEVER gonna get it done that way.

Or do I watercolor it like I really, REALLY want to do. Both??

I’ll try and post a panel to panel page soon.

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Anyway here’s my cover idea. I still don’t have a working title and I’ll most likely try to color this puppy in Painter.

But damn, I do loves the watercolor.

Background–wish it was cleaner. Yep, I’m gonna have to redo this.

Barry hasn’t seen it yet (it ain’t Halloween yet, silly)— so Shhhhhh—it’s just between us.

Writing a comic is like the movie “The Shining”. If you haven’t seen this movie what are you waiting for??? It’s one of those must see movies especially at Halloween time.

Anyway, the movie is about Jack and his family going out to a resort that gets virtually shut off in the winter due to all the snow to write his great novel and take care of the place when he goes nuts.

There’s this one scene after he’s kinda been going nuts and scaring his family, that his wife comes across his manuscript. She reads it and flips out! Jack had been talking about how good the story had been going and how happy is with this book. All she sees is “Jack is a good boy, Jack is a good boy, Jack is a good boy, Jack is a good boy” over and over on each page.

That’s my fear when I write and draw something…I’ll think it’s great and am really happy with it, but if someone else sees it…well….Jack is a good boy

Monday we had a wonderful day. We went to Tampa for Molly’s visit to Dr Malone at USF. It’s alway stressful. You worry. Goes with this parental territory thing.

However it was nothing but sunshine and good news. Dr. Malone gave her last blood test resuls—3.1!! We are so proud of her. He said that he was taking her off food restrictions, so we could try anything we wanted. We have to test her again in a month to see how her body reacts. So it’s open buffet for Molly until Nov 10th!! WOOHOO!

She has taken to trying all these different things really well. She hasn’t really not liked anything.

Dr Malone said that he wanted to do her PKU test in 1 month, then at 3 months, then again at 6 months and see her again at that time. All this depends on her tests in a months time. But depending on all that, he said it might not be a case of anything to worry about until she comes of child bearing age, and we might not have to see him again. But we left floating on air. And immediately took the family to a Chinese restaurant near by and let her try new things.

Then we drove over to the zoo and played for a couple hours.

Chloe fed her giraffe friends

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Fox tried to feed a giraffe, but he kinda got scared

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Barry fed his bird friends

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Molly just hung out
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Snack time
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This is a crate they use to ship elephants with. Seems kinda small to me…Hmmm…looks like it would fit 3 kids just fine…
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We didn’t stay long. The zoo always closes at 5, but we played for about 2 hours there. Since we go to Tampa so often for Molly we bought a zoo pass. They are nice to have.

We all were tired to we decided to head home. Barry and I have been wanting to buy another lap top so we thought we’d stop at Sams and Best Buy in Lakeland. We went to Sam’s first.

We found a computer we both liked and were just shopping around for various and sundry. Chloe saw a pineapple and totally wanted it. So I was testing the leaves to see which one was ripe (you pull gently on the leaves of the pineapple and if they come out easily it’s ripe). So I found this perfect one. And was just about to put it in my cart when out of now where this lady comes up to us and says “you gonna eat that tonight?”
I told her probably…wasn’t sure…
Then she tells me that you better eat it tonight or it will be bad tomorrow.

I don’t know if she was nuts…

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Then she tops it off with…”Are those your grandkids?”




I don’t know if I looked particularly hammered, if she had issues, don’t know if I picked her pineapple…but she was pissing me off. Seriously!

I don’t know why she was hounding us, why it mattered if we were gonna eat this friggin’ pineapple tonight, or if these were MY kids OR my (what the hell?!?) grandkids!

I wanted to tell her just because her daughter probably had kids whilst still in high school (if she even finished HS), not all of us went that route. I decided adding “you bitch” wouldn’t be good. So I just pushed the cart way. Fast.

We had the pineapple a whole day later and


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