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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Here’s wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a most excellent Christmas goose (ing)
and happiest of New Years.


Now to go mail my Christmas cards…waaaaaayyyy late : O )

Lotta love!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fact of the Day: Rain

The essential difference between a precipitation particle and cloud particle is size; an average raindrop is equal to 1 million cloud droplets.

The ratio of snow to rain is 10-to-1, meaning 10 inches of melted snow would be one inch of rain. In one cup of snow, there will be more than 10 million snowflakes.

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A rainbow is a series of concentric colored arcs that may be seen when sunlight, or light from some other distant source, falls upon a collection of water drops as in rain, spray, or fog. The colors are the result of the refraction and internal reflection of light rays entering the water drops, each color being produced by rays bent at a slightly different angle. The colors separate as they emerge from the water drops. The spectrum of a rainbow, from the outer edge inward, consists of the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet; many people use the mnemonic device Roy G. Biv to remember this sequence.

The Unit

We are beginning potty training with Fox. There are good days and bad days. Today he did fantastic…he did both and got a big ol’ lollipop for his treat.

Here’s the thing I don’t understand–the boy spends less time in diapers now and for some reason he has to put his…er….ummm…”Unit” into everything. Why? I don’t know. I’ve heard boys are harder to potty train then girls…I think it’s because they have to stick their units into everything first.

Today as I was about to put his pants back on him I turned around to find he was trying to fit the lid of the toothpaste onto his…unit. And I thought he was kinda quirky when he just had to smell everything he brings to his mouth.

I started watching A&E’s new goofy series called “Paranormal State“. I kinda was hoping it would give me ideas for my new book…different time period but a huckster is still a huckster.

For the most part it is a pretty stupid show. You got these Pen-State 20-somethings chasing after possible bumps in the night…although there never really were any bumps in the night…who come to “inviestigate” families that have need of some serious therapy over issues that have nothing to do with spooks.

The investigators themselves seems like the typical passive non-conformist conformists. The head guy has had some sort of vague paranormal “experience” as a child. Conveniently he has the uber-est of uber demons after him…Ta-dah!!…Belial..wanting to take him on personally. This demons name is soooo secret that it can’t be spoken, it has to be written and passed around as notes, but the kind folks of A&E quickly scroll the name across the screen now and again at almost subliminal speeds. Yeah, I was bored and so I slow-mo’d just to be sure. Yep, apparently Belial is beggin’ for a beat down. Hmmm…whadda bet that this demon/crusader slug fest will happen some point around ohhh say sweeps week?

Is this show really about the paranormal or a shill/venue for the catholic church? I don’t mind either way, but…
Holy water gets bandied about an awful lot, as does nifty slogans written in latin and cruicifixes get put on windows and doorways.

Now what about science? As I understand it, this club/class experience is sanctioned by Penn State yet I never really hear anything scientific being bandied about, no skepticism ever expressed and everyone in this little cadre seems to have a pretty deep religious bent to them–even their “counselor” .

And can ghosts tell time? Apparently these investigators know about something called the dead time…which is 3:00 am–is that eastern standard time? What about daylight savings time? Kinda a goofy show, but what can you do with this writers strike really taking a toll on my t.v. watching.

Still trying to decide if I’m gonna watch it again. Ok, sure.

I HAVE really gotten into Showtimes’ Dexter season II. Most excellent.

Got one more episode of Journeyman…then that show is off until whenever the writers strike ends.

Off to do Christmas shopping. Ha! Like I’ve even started!!

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Saturday, December 1, 2007


On This Day:
Saturday December 1, 2007

This is the 335th day of the year, with 30 days remaining in 2007.

Fact of the Day: advent calendar

The advent calendar with 24 openings to be opened each day beginning December 1, created by a 19th-century Munich housewife who was tired of being asked endlessly when Christmas would come.

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Fact of the Day: pigs

Pigs are thought to have been brought to the New World by Columbus on his second voyage (1493) and to the mainlands in early 1500s.

Today I did something that I’ve not done in over 4 years. I went and saw a movie!!! Yep. 4 years!!!

I went with two of my girlfriends to go see Disney’s new movie “Enchanted”. This was the awesomest movie I have ever seen!!! Ok, let me explain. It WAS a cute movie. I loved the animation. It was very Mucha/art nouveau which is right up my alley! I was surprised to see all the art nouveau flourishes even in the background art and landscapes. Really cool to see. Made me wish I was still doing DW. sigh…

Back to the movie. It was…cute. Amy Adams was great…vivacious, airy, she threw herself out there into this role with great abandonment. Music was good– done by Menkin…same guy responsible for Little Mermaid. Lots of Disney-in jokes in the movie.

My favorite part was it was nice to just sit in a theatre! We went to a wonderful theatre…Celebration. It only has 2 theatres, but they are huge, and the chairs are divine!! Huge, cushion-y, roomy cup holders, high backed…just a wonderful theatre experience. It was hard because I’d be enjoying the movie, and then remember the kids at home, and that Chloe probably would enjoy seeing it. I’m not sure she would have enjoyed the non-animated bits. Fox wouldn’t have made it past the credits.

After the three of us went to eat Japanese food at this awesome little restaurant next to the theater. We sat and talked for a bit. It has been forever since I’ve just talked with other ladies. Then while we were sitting there, the snow fell on Market Street. Each year at this time Celebration has nights where snow falls and stores on the mainstreet are opened later. The snow is just soap bubbles, but it was beautiful to watch them fall. I loved just standing there for a few moments (in 82 degree heat) and wathing these white puffs float downward.

Work on Womblees is going well. I think I’m going to change the name to Whispers. Still deciding.

Started the second page of issue 2. Have yet to really do a full color page of the first issue. Still flatting and trying to find time to work.

Character sketch for another story:

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Molly FINALLY has begun to walk unaided! Almost 14months and girlfriend is finally getting the hang of the walking thing!

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