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Saturday, May 24, 2008

On This Day:
Saturday May 24, 2008

This is the 145th day of the year, with 221 days remaining in 2008.

Fact of the Day: kimono
The kimono is a garment worn by Japanese men and women from the Early Nara period (645-724) to the present. Derived from the Chinese p’ao-style robe, the basic kimono is an ankle-length gown with long, expansive sleeves and a V-neck.


It has neither buttons nor ties, being lapped left over right across the chest and secured at the waist by a broad sash known as an obi. The short-sleeved kimono (kosode), worn by women as an outer garment, was introduced in the Muromachi period (Ashikaga shogunate; 1338-1573). The contemporary wide obi dates only from the 18th century. Although the kimono is not of Japanese origin, as is often supposed, its great beauty is attributable to 17th- and 18th-century Japanese designers.

The kids love to eat Chinese food. So as a lark we got Fox dress up in his Chinese outfit our friend picked up on his latest jaunt to Shanghi. Picture 179.jpg

Chloe has a darling purple one and for the life of me I can’t figure out why I didn’t think to put her in it before we left.

Picture 188.jpg

Anyway, Fox enjoyed mugging in his outfit. I guess he liked the feel of the silk because now he always asks to wear it. He’s one good lookin’ kid. Someday I’ll figure out who his parents are.


It’s been a kinda crappy stressful time. At present all of us are sick in ways that nobody in polite society would dare mention. The kids have been sick with minor colds before but this time they all had high fevers, sever coughs, and just laid around. My kids DON’T lay around. I don’t think they are still even when they sleep.

I’ve been sick at the same time and now Barry’s caught it. It ain’t pretty, it ain’t fun and I’ll sure be glad to see the back end of this thing.

On the good side, all the kids want to do is snuggle–en masse. Sometimes they have fights for lap space, but pretty much all we’ve been doing is laying on the couch and watching Cartoon Network. Never thought I’d get tired of that, but I’m due for a break.

Because things have been going so well at Ka-blam, we’ve put the kids in Day Care twice a week. I’ve had a really hard time with that. Barry and I have always worked shifts–I watch the kids during then day then do my drawing at Disney at night and he…well…he watches the kids at night and works all night as well ; o )
Picture 169.jpg

OHMYHEAVENS is day care expensive! I don’t know how people do it. And I don’t know for how long we can do it. For 3 kids 2 times a week it’s $230.

Picture 163.jpg

Molly watches Daddy come in the room. I love how she lit up.

Picture 162.jpg

Getting ready for first day of school. Yep. I do need to finish my laundry. I think it’s still in the same spot from a few weeks ago.

Fox checks out the toy cars.

Picture 157.jpg

I certainly grown to respect the work that Thomas an Barry do at the offices. I don’t know how they get all the printing, coding, shipping, cutting, binding done that they do. They totally have my respect. They do this 7 days a week–I work occasionally from home doing the hand holding on the forum posts, and then twice a week in the office before going to work at Disney and I’m exhausted.

The kids seem to be adapting well to the Day Care thing. The first little while was really hard. One of us has always been there for the kids. Then they were rapidly put into a new environment. Molly has been having the toughest time.

I’m pretty sure that the crud we’ve all got now is a direct result of the germ factory that is Day Care. They kids had to miss Thursday because they were all sick and STILL the day care charged us for them. $230 down the drain. It hurt something fierce.


On top of that I got a crappy tooth and had to have a root canal done. That set us back another $2100! Yep, sucks not having insurance.

For a little while there we’d come into a little bit of extra money…not enough to turn me Republican by any means, but it gave us a little cushion and we got to get a Toyota mini van (henceforth referred to as “The Mystery Machine”–Daddy and Fox’s idea, natch).

Picture 175.jpg

Molly has already made the Captains seat hers.

Picture 177.jpg

Chloe wears her IronMan shades.

So we now have 2 vehicles. But after my tooth episode, the sicknesses, car, various paying off of bills…back to middle class for us.


Went to visit my local crack house–a.k.a. Books-A-Million. I picked up a really cook book…Buffy the Vampire Hunter: Panel to Panel


Of course Mystery Science Theater 3000 is my all time favorite t.v. show, but Buffy is a top 3 or 4 pick for sure.

It’s a really cool collection of comic book art, pin-ups and various and sundry. I’ve really enjoyed it. It’ll help me a lot when I start coloring Womblees again.
I spent far too much time and money at BaM. They had quite a few costume books from the Victorian period that somehow kept getting into my hands. I felt it my personal duty to go ahead and buy them. Haven’t had a chance to really look at them yet.


We took the kids to Aquatica…a new waterpark that opened here.

Picture 182.jpg

Chloe is fascinated by the Commersons Dolphins. They have a water slide where a tube goes thru their habitat…but she was an inch or two too short. She took it like a champ. Maybe next time.

Picture 187.jpg

Fox catching a breath.

Picture 192.jpg

Picture 130.jpg

Chloe wanted to just watch the dolphins.

These Egrets are one pissed off species. I guess it’s their molting season, but MAN! where they cranky. If you came anywhere close to them they bristled up and hissed. Which they usually don’t do.

They are lovely and I want to try and paint this picture.

Picture 122.jpg

Went over to Seaworld for a bit and watched the Walrus.

Picture 145.jpg

More of the pissed off bird.

Picture 117.jpg

The green Moray eels are always fun to watch.

Picture 158.jpg

Picture 037.jpg

Molly is one smart cookie. Here she commands the dolphins with her mind.


Got me a new camera. This is the first pict I took with it.
Picture 063.jpg

I’ve grown pretty weary of Kodak stuff–for me they’ve been pretty unreliable, and subject to frequent breakage that isn’t kid related. I didn’t want a “big boy” camera (big lens), just one that I could keep in my purse. Yet I also wanted one with a good optical zoom and good mega pixels. So I arrived at the Panasonic DMC-TZ5K


I LOVE this camera! It’s got 9.1 megapixels, 10x optical zoom, face recognition, image stabilizer, and one bitchin’ LEICA DC Vario-Elmar lens. Schweet! The shutter speed is very fast, no lag, great view screen (3 inches!!!), and does great movies. Extremely easy to use with it’s Intelligent Auto or you can play around with your own settings. I couldn’t be happier with this camera.



I LOVE hot sauces. The hotter the better. BUT…they gotta have flavor. Any sauce can take the roof off your mouth thru the burn, but it’s gotta taste good.

Came across this Habenero sauce called Iguana Radioactive Atomic Pepper Sauce. Cool label, too. It’s by Half Moon Bay Trading. It rocks! Lots of flavor and ooooooohhhh what delightfully painful burn is in store.

Back when we use to go to New Orlean with regularity, there were lots of places that sold hot sauces. I became addicted to them. But I also really love the art. Some awesome names and labels.



The belief that it is lucky to pick up a horseshoe comes from the idea that it was a protection against witches and evil generally. The legend is that Mars (iron) is the enemy of Saturn (God of the Witches); consequently they were nailed to the house door with two ends uppermost, so that the luck did not “run out.”


Ok, I’ve not seen the movie, I’ve heard weeping and wailing from various friends about the movie, but I got a spoiler just from watching a stupid commercial.



Ok, I bought and loved the archaic Jewish Mysticism, I enjoyed the South America spookiness…but…ALIENS????


Take a listen

If you’ve never listend to him before, give my pal Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds a listen.
Dig! Lazarus Dig is one of his best albums in forever–and this cats been around a long time.

Also, listen to “Red Right Hand”.

You’ll be glad you did.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008


The stripes in toothpaste are created by a special device fitted to the nozzle end of the tube. A colored toothpaste is first filled around the special fitting, the white toothpaste is filled second, which holds the colored toothpaste in place at the top of the tube.


When the tube is squeezed, the white toothpaste would run through the special inner tube and the pressure of the squeeze simultaneously forces the colored toothpaste through the tiny orifices at the end. The toothpaste emerges perfectly striped.

The first toothpaste mentioned in recorded history was devised by Egyptian physicians about 4000 years ago. It was made from powdered pumice stone and strong wine vinegar and brushed on with a chew stick.

I love the feeling of freshly bushed teeth, but I’ll be damned if I can stand to have the stuff on my skin. Can’t stand the smell, can’t stand the feel…but give me good ol’ freshly scrubbed teeth anyday!

I got to do one of the funnest gig’s I’ve gotten to do in a while. We got booked to draw at the Outback Stakehouse convention for 2 nights. It was awesome!!! There were a bazillion people (no, really) from all over the world.

I got to meet 2 of the three founders AND the guy who designed the recipe for the Bloomin’ Onion.


I’m peekin’ out behind Michael McElroy who’s leaning back. One of the most talented artists you’ll ever meet. Kenny Durkin is center. He’s supposed to be workin’ on his comic book for Chicago…so if you go to his web page or myspace…ask him how it’s goin’. Tell ’em Jenni sent cha.

The last night the party was held at Flights of Fantasy in Lakeland, FL.

An absolutely incredible place. The design of the place was amazing. Very themed. The collection of aircraft is breathtaking.

If you get the chance you HAVE to go and walk amongst the ghosts and relics of days long past.

Picture 057.jpg

Picture 048.jpg

I wish I knew about aviation history. I find it fascinating. My biggest thrill was getting to see a Flying Fortress up close.

There’s huge, there’s BIG and then there’s a Flying Fortress.

Picture 045.jpg

Yeah, so I was all a twitter and my camera shook.

Picture 043.jpg

Here’s that Michael guy again.

Picture 040.jpg

Picture 038.jpg

A storm is a brewin’.

I have to say how incredible this catering staff was. This huge thunderstorm was coming in fast. I’d say within 15 minutes they had all the tables that WERE outside BACK inside and fully dressed to receive guests. They were truly amazing.

Picture 024.jpg

Just before the guests started to arrive, the storm started and it didn’t let up for a mighty long time. It was pretty violent.

Picture 021.jpg

Another cool craft.

The stands were supposed to hold the audience to see the Dave Matthews Concert.

Picture 026.jpg

Very few things make me squeal with utter girlish delight…but that nights entertainment sure did. The Dave Matthews Band was the entertainment and MAN! Did they sound awesome!

Picture 071.jpg

It doesn’t hurt that Dave Matthews is one tasty lookin’ fella.

Picture 069.jpg

Picture 067.jpg


I’ve taken up gardening. Me. Yep. Go figure. There was a reason Barry use to call me Plant Killer/ Herb Slayer.

I had NO green thumb.


I sucked.

Maybe it’s the fact that I now have kids and am more…nurturing. Bwahahahaha!

I think it’s just ‘cuz I’m watering the damn things more.

It’s very rewarding to watch your plants grow. I’m growing quite a few herbs again (and doing VERY nicely I might add). As well as tomatoes, cucumbers, Sunflowers, and 2 lemon and 1 lime tree. The trees are very small, but I’ve got fruit on ’em!! Woohooo!

My main thrill is peppers. I’ve been growing a lot of variety of peppers. We got to eat some of the peppers last night that I grew AND cooked. And I didn’t burn the kitchen down this time!

I still need to get better at weeding. The weeds are a tad strong in these parts.

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