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Monday, July 23, 2012

Jen’s Monday recommended reading: Sarah Ellerton’s Inverloch: Volume 4

I usually put my recommendations in my twitter feed and on my facebook page, but I think I’m going to start posting my recommendations on my web page.  I’m not a reviewer (I’m not that insightful, don’t have enough time to write and draw on my own stuff, and positively hate to argue) but I get to see a lot of books come my way and I try to point out some of the finer stuff.

This series, Inverloch, is one that needs to be on everyone’s reading radar.  Vol 4 was just printed and went live at


Go get it.  I’ll wait.




Today you get a two-fer in the Jens  recommendations department.  This fantastic article by Tom Spurgeon  is making its way over the comic boards.  Its a  fascinating and insightful reading:


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Friday, July 20, 2012

Christmas in July

Admittedly I like a lot of stuff–gadgets, comics, art, fashion, politics, books, music–it’s quite a list.  But one of my absolute favorite things is science–Space in particular.  We’ll become fast friends for life just by mentioning the name Carl Sagan.

Tonight we’re going to bed extra early in order to get up and get ready to go to NASA.  I’ve not been since I was itty bitty–Before the Space Shuttle program was officially started.  It’s a shame that as long as we’ve lived in Florida I’ve never been to Kennedy Space Center itself.

The kids have seen the shuttle lift off–but throw in how far away from lift off we were (closest was 10 miles) and their age (young) and they’ve really not experienced what actual space crafts look like.  I’m excited to see them get involved!

I’ve been down to the coast and seen a launch–truly magnificent–and always tried to step out outside to see launches.
But tomorrow I’ll be as giddy as kid on Christmas morning and bouncing in the seat to get a look at rockets, missiles, and satellites!

Happy early Christmas to me!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Celebrating Fox’s 7th Birthday!

I am slowly coming down from a serious sugar  high!  Faaaaar too much cake was ingested tonight while celebrating our son’s 7th.  How proud of him I am!
I love to just sit and watch him shine!

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