I usually put my recommendations in my twitter feed and on my facebook page, but I think I’m going to start posting my recommendations on my web page.  I’m not a reviewer (I’m not that insightful, don’t have enough time to write and draw on my own stuff, and positively hate to argue) but I get to see a lot of books come my way and I try to point out some of the finer stuff.

This series, Inverloch, is one that needs to be on everyone’s reading radar.  Vol 4 was just printed and went live at http://indyplanet.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=7400


Go get it.  I’ll wait.




Today you get a two-fer in the Jens  recommendations department.  This fantastic article by Tom Spurgeon  is making its way over the comic boards.  Its a  fascinating and insightful reading:  http://www.comicsreporter.com/index.php/comics_made_me_less_fat_how_i_lost_220_pounds_in_18_months/


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