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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My things to do list

My things to do list

1. Backpack Europe with the family Hopefully this is how we’ll celebrate our 20th anniversary!!!
2. Find a job I love – Found it…now if only I could make money as an illustrator….sigh
3. Visit all 50 states Only Alaska, Hawaii, Washington (state) and Oregon left to go.

4. Go on a cruise Done it.

5. Write a book- Done it–20+ times now…

6. Take a photography class Done it
7. Learn how to crochet or knit Did it as a kid…can’t remember how now.
8. Watch all Alfred Hitchcock’s movies Getting close on this one.
9. Go to an NFL game Done it–Washington Redskins way back when
10. Visit the White House Done it
11. Create my family tree Working on it…sorta
12. Go on a road trip – Do this all the time. Can you say Comicbook Convention season?
13. See a show on Broadway in NY Done it
14. Change a tire Done it–Barry keeps trying to show me. Joined AAA.
15. Own a house Done it-WOOHOOO!
16. Volunteer Done it
17. Attend a movie festival Done it
18. Complete a tooth whitening program Yipes. NEED to do this one. When WAS the last time I went to a dentist?
19. Learn how to invest money Done it–well, read some books, did some googling…
20. Invest the money Damn. Knew there was more to it.
21. Be more social Working on it.
22. Write a song Done it
23. Live instead of exist Carpe Diem, boys.
24. Pay off my debt Damn. Never happen.
25. Stop putting myself down See the last line above??? Yeah…never happen.
26. Give blood Done it–need to do it much more frequently
27. Work for a non-profit company –
28. Stop drinking Diet Coke, Diet Mt Dew, Diet Vault…drink more water. Go ahead and suck all the fun outta life.
29. Live somewhere it doesn’t snow – DONE and hate it.
30. Lose weight Done it, gained it back, got pregnant 3x, looking forward losing it again.
31. Read more books in a year than movies watched Do it all the time!
32. Be an extra in a film Done it– Barry and I were extra’s in Desperate Hours with Mikey Rourke. Cool experience.
33. Learn how to take a compliment Fat chance.
34. Be on Wheel of Fortune Thanks, but I’m more of a Trivia game show kinda gal.
35. Ride a camel Done it–National Zoo
36. Learn not to say yes when I really mean no Gads I need to do this one.
37. Accept myself for who I am Might happen someday…wait, wait…is that a monkey I’m feeling?
38. Ride in a hot-air balloon Look forward to doing this one. Most mornings when I go out for a walk a bunch of hot air balloons will fly over our house about 7 am. It’s a great way to start a day.
39. Learn how to complain effectively Done it–although I’m more about bitching.
40. Try a Pilates class Done it
41. Learn to ride a horse Done it
42. Keep a plant alive for a year there is a reason Barry calls me “Plant killer/herb slayer”, but I’m game.
43. Learn to snowboard LOVE to ski…now if only I could try snowboarding!
44. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans Probably the ONLY time I hate to be in New Orleans is Mardi Gras. Yep…drunk, sweaty smelly people, and getting pelted with beads sounds like tons of fun to me.
45. Avoid elevators when there are stairs This would benefit me oodles. But how can you resist bullet elevators!
46. Finish school (at least an Associate’s) Done it — major in Psychology with minor in Theatre Arts. And you thought I was an art major. SUCKAAAA!
47. Throw a huge party and invite everyone I know Done it
48. Be a member of the audience for the taping of Jeopardy! Sounds fun. Especially if Barry was a contestant!
49. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich Can’t stand the smell of beer and…oh yeah. Don’t drink. But I’d love to go observe Oktoberfest!
50. Spend New Years in an exotic location
51. Get passionate about a cause and spend time helping it, instead of just thinking about it Need to do this. Someday I will run for some type of office.
52. Sleep under the stars Done it–freaked me out but good. I will NEVER sleep outside again. Cabins/hotels only. When there’s nobody around and just this massive canopy of stars over you, it’s pretty darn unnerving. Not to mention I’m a pampered pet and need my good mattress and a shower at least 2x daily.
53. Overcome fear of failure Done it–I mean I’ve failed at stuff all the time. I can accept defeat.
54. Kiss the Blarney Stone Sounds fun.
55. Learn how to roll my R’s Done it
56. Decorate the house with art I’ve made I look at all the original art we’ve collected, look at the bare walls and wonder what the hell are we waiting for?!?
57. Learn a martial art Yep. I want to do this.
58. Time travel So, I don’t know how it would work in the time continum thing, or if time is Boethian, but I’m in baby!
59. Join a book club Done it–didn’t like it much.
60. Visit a hookah bar I think I could enjoy watching the folks. Sounds cool.
61. Enjoy working out/going to the gym Done it would LOVE to still have the time to go and work out in a gym rather then just walking.
62. Learn how to draw Done it–working on it everyday.
63. Dye my hair a really ridiculous colour Done it–well I just put pink streaks in..lasted for 3 days or so.
64. Go without tv for a month What and actually get things accomplished??? A pox upon this!
65. Make a scrapbook Done it– now if only I could keep adding to it…it’s hard to find time to do it with almost 3 kids, work, work, and more work.
66. Start a collection (books don’t count) Done it–stamps (horses and Princess Diana stamps–began many, many moons ago.
67. Learn how to bodyboard Would LOVE to do this!
68. Own custom-made clothing Done it
69. Visit all the major museums in LA Done most in San Diego…that pretty good.
70. March in a protest rally the excersise would be good!
71. Go to a Renaissance Fair March in a protest rally I think that sounds like fun. Always looking for a reason to dress up!
72. Learn how to drive stick-shift Done it– and Barry and I almost came to blows over it when he tried to teach me!

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