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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We got a date!

Wooohooo! We had a Dr appt on Monday and a date has been set for induction. I’m not particularly happy about the time it will be, but we are VERY excited for Molly to get here.

We get to present ourselves on Oct 3, at 1:00 a.m.–yup that’s in the friggin’ morning! I can’t believe that! Barry is even going to go into work that night.

I don’t know how we are gonnna do it if both of us are dead on our feet. I certainly kinda hope that we have to wait until a more resonable time.

Time wise it might not work out…we have to call the hospital before we go and make sure we have a bed. The doctor said once we have a day and time, we have to allow a window of 1-2 days just in case they are overwhelmed…which they say is a strong possibility. I guess there’s a lot of ladies due right now.

Supposedly a lot of area Doctors don’t want to send patients to Osceola Hospital and are sending everyone to Celebration Hospital. We had Chloe at Osceola and we didn’t think it was thatbad–until we had Fox at Celebration. Big difference.

Of the 3 doctors at the office, I don’t even know which one will be catching. I know I’d sure like Dr. Reinoso to deliver Molly as he did both Chloe and Fox.

Bedrest is continuing. I’ve been getting work done and watching movies as well as tv. TV sucks in the afternoon.

Barry’s folks are staying with us and I am so grateful they are here. The time with them is wonderful, and they have been playing and keeping up with the kids. Chloe and Fox think they are awesome. Of course they’ve been showing off BIG TIME.

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