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Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

It lived up to it’s name.
It all started yesterday (Thursday) about 2:00pm I got a call from Molly’s pediatrician saying that her PKU tests came back abnormal and he wanted us to go to the All Children’s Clinic in Lakeland (about 30 minutes or so away) immediately for more tests. He said the nurse there would give me a call after he talked to her.
Barry was over at Thomas’ printing so I immediately got off the phone with the Dr. and in a teary panic called Barry to tell him he had to come home so we could take Molly over to the clinic. Wouldn’t you know our car decides to go belly up and we were in full blown panic–how were we going to get there?!? We couldn’t fit everyone in the truck and it certainly wouln’t be safe. Barry said to call some rental places, but I couldn’t because I had to wait for the nurse to call with more details.

Finally she calls…ok, it was one of those it seemed like an eternity but was PROBABLY not more then 15 minutes. She says that the courrier who takes the blood samples to the labs had left for the day. She said we COULD come to the clinic but then we’d just have to wait for results over the weekend anyway. She advised waiting until today (the 13th) and coming. I couldn’t sleep at all. Molly didn’t seem to want to sleep either. I’d just put her down and she’d wake up crying. So I’d try to nurse her again. Same thing. She’d doze off, then I’d put her down and just as I crawled into bed the crying would start. It was a long night. Luckily I planned on getting up at 6 anyway.

The kids were great about getting awakened so early. Fox was clinging to Barry as he took in in our room to get him dressed. Chloe woke up fine. I’d explained to her that today was a big testing day for Molly and we’d have to go to a new Doctors office for her. She fine when you explain things. I’m really proud of Chloe for so many reasons.

We wrestled everyone into the Cruiser to go pick up the rental car. It wasn’t far from home so we decided to come back to the house and switch car seats rather then leave the car at the rental place. Thanksfully the car Barry got (a Taurus) fit all 3 car seats. Then headed down to Lakeland.

We found the office. It was a really kid friendly place. The nurse I spoke with, Nancy, on Thursday met us at the reception area. She was so kind yesterday when we talked and I think she could tell from my voice she would be getting a basketcase Mom. She had taken most of my information yesterday so we got back pretty quickly.

Barry stayed in the reception area with the kids. I really wanted him to come back with us, but it would have done nobody any good.

Molly was brought back to a really nice lab area. We met the lady who would take her blood. I didn’t know what to expect. In the hospital for the tests, they pricked Molly’s heels. She still has the prick marks and I feel so bad. Because of my gestational diabetes, she had to get her heel pricked quite a few times so everytime I see her makrs or touch them, I feel like the worst Mom in history.

Anyway, we put Molly on the examination table and the nurse starts to examine her arm looking for a good vein. I wasn’t expecting that. Then they bring out a needle that looks like it goes to an IV. It’s connected via a tiny tube to a collecting vial.

The tech didn’t get the vein right on the first time, so it collapsed. Molly was howling. So they tried the other arm. The needle went right and the blood started into tube. I saw how much they were drawing and I must have blanched because Nancy said it was ok, it looked like more then it was. All in all it would be about a teaspoons worth of blood.

It was over soon and they stuck bandages on both spots. I think the bandages where bigger then Molly. She’s such a tough nut. She didn’t cry for long. Me…I cried a lot longer. I hated to think she was hurting. It isn’t fair.

The huge problem is now the waiting and worrying over the weekend.

I’ve been reading stuff on the ‘net on PKU. It’s scary, but hopeful. She’d have to go to the Doctors once a week for blood work. I keep thinking how are we going to be able to afford all these doctor bills? It’s mindnumbing. I keep thinking how I’d have to give up nursing her, how she has to be on a special diet for the rest of her life. I keep hoping the test comes back and there’s no problem.

I know when I talked to the doctor and the nurses you begin to rationalize and ask “what if…” questions…what if the machines read it wrong. What if I had too much Diet Mt Dew. What if she was too young to take the test…what if the test had gotten contaminated in my purse…so many things.

Now it’s just waiting and worrying until Monday. It’s hard to put Molly down. I just want to hold her. I think it’s more comforting for me then her. She just wants to sleep and eat. I just need her.

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