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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Going to the doctors

Today we took Chloe for her 3 year check up, and Molly for her 2 week check up. It went fairly well. Ok, it turns out I lied to Chloe. I told her that she wouldn’t be getting any shots. Technically she didn’t. She got a TB test on her arm, and they pricked her finger to find out how her iron count was (12–the nurse said that was excellent).
Chloe was definitely a trooper. She let Dr. Kahn listen to her heart, look at her eyes, nose, and in her mouth. And even though she was really scared, she was a tough nut.
The nurses were really surprised when Chloe knew both what a stethoscope was, how to say it and how they wore it. They complimented her on her huge vocabulary. arry had to hold her down when they gave her the test on her arm, and they quickly pricked her finger before she knew what was going on. She whimpered, and cried…but REALLY briefly. We were really proud of her. As always.
Molly has gained a full pound!!! She was 8 lbs 3 oz when born, lost weight– 7 lbs, 10 oz, but today she was 8lbs 8oz! Whoohooo!! She also has grown an inch. She is now 21 inches long! She’s still in that really sleepy, lathargic stage. She sleeps pretty good–we have to feed her every 2-21/2 hours even at night. But we are thrilled with her growth!
Dr Kahn went over her results a little more with us. He was very positive–which is what we needed. He said her numbers on thephenylalanine were 4.6 and they want it to be 3 or lower. Her Tyrosine was 1.something which he said was fine. So our next step is a repeat of the blood work this friday back in Lakeland. We’ll get her numbers hopefully on Monday. He cautioned us that an Endocrinologist looks at the numbers first and if there’s a big problem (high numbers) will call him immediately, otherwise Dr Kahn will call us around 5:00 or so. Essentially the no news until 5:oo is good news.
If her numbers go up, we have to go to St. Petersburg, or Lakeland the next day. If they stay the same or go down, we’ll take it from there. We may or may not have to change her diet, or there may be nothing changed.
We asked if my drinking diet drinks contributes to her problem, but Dr Kahn said no. It’s genetic so my consuming my Dt Mt Dews has no effect. That was a relief, but I still think I need to stop drinking them. Drats.
So here goes waiting for Friday and then waiting for the results on Monday.

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