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Friday, October 20, 2006

Our day

Friday October 20, 2006

This is the 293rd day of the year–Do you realize there are 72 days remaining in 2006!?!

Also, a VERY Happy Birthday today to Barry’s Mom. She has been a saint. She and Barry’s Dad came down and stayed with us for a month and helped take care of me and watch the kids. She literally did everything and there is no way I can ever thank her enough. She truly was a god send during a really bad period.

We took Molly for her next blood test. She’s one courageous, strong, tough, kid.

Once again she had to get stuck twice…once in the crook of her elbow and another on the back of her hand. It’s not just tiny little needles where they draw a pin prick of blood…they draw about a full tablespoon.
Once again when the lab tech tried to draw blook from her inside arm, the vein rolled, so they tried and tried to dig around with the needle hoping to catch the vein…

She howled and tried to squirm away but me, the really nice nurse, Karen, and the lab tech were holding her down — AND she was swaddled. Molly sure put up a fight.

And here we are again faced with the weekend of waiting for the blood results. I’m sooooo hoping they go down. But the good thing is, Dr. Kahn made sure we got this part…it’s treatable and she should be fine even if her numbers come back high. I just hate the thought of her having all this blood taken once a week, special formula for the rest of her life –or at least until her brain stops growing. It’s not a fair way for a beautiful girl to start off.

I learned this week that kids bounce. Yep. It’s official. We were over doing some printing at Thomas’ house. We’d been there quite a while. Fox and Chloe were running around and I was on the couch nursing Molly and watching a Franz Ferdinand video. All the sudden I hear this CRASH, THUDDDDD and WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAM!

I knew immediately what happened. Fox was falling down the stairs. I was on the move in time to see him squirming on the bottom step. I laid Molly on the couch–in hindsight not the brightest move on my part…and ran over to the top of the stairs to see Fox — least he was moving! I YELLED for Barry and tore down the steps to grab Fox. He was squalling, and clutching me and tensing his body…but he hadn’t broken anything…mainly I was worried about his neck.

Barry charged down out of the office and I met him at the top of the stairs. He grabbed Fox and ran his hands over his limbs to make sure he didn’t feel anything hanging of broken…he didn’t either.

10 seconds later, Fox is fine and back to normal.

Since we’ve decorated for Halloween, our house has been inundated with these nasty, huge, ugly roaches…also known as palmetto bugs. Anyway, I hate ’em! I guess they hitched rides on the boxes Barry carried down from the attic, but they are DRIVING me crazy.

The other night Chloe caught sight of one for the first time in the garage and pretty much went hysterical…gets that from me whenever I see bugs.

Chloe is generally pretty good about bugs…she loves her spider friend (this HUGE multi colored garden spider that is back by our porch), she LOVES butterflies and beatles…she thinks our local rhinoscerous beatles are pretty neat. But these roaches totally sent her screaming. It took me a while to calm her down and get her to stop shaking. Then Barry came home and she had to tell him all about it. She was terrified.

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