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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Thankful pre-Halloween

I love halloween. This year especially it means even more to me. I came THIS close to loosing the most important thing in the universe to me — my Barry. Barry was in a horrible accident coming home from work on Saturday.

I was on the phone with him and heard the whole thing. It was incredibly horrific. I lost contact with Barry for a conciderable amount of time…I could hear static (which turned out to be the car rolling over) and voices, but not a lot else.

As luck would have it a State Trooper was RIGHT beside him…in fact Barry tagged the Troopers front end and that was what sent him into a spin and roll overs…but I could hear the Trooper ask if he was Barry (Barry later told me the trooper found his nametag from Disney on the highway as he was making his way to him) and if he was ok.

Thank heavens my Mom was visiting from California and I was able to rush to the car and drive to fine him while she stayed with the kids. Unfortunately, Chloe was awake and knew something was horribly wrong. She went hysterical.

I knew Barry had to be on 192 somewhere. So I jumped in the car and drove up the road. I crested a hill and there were police lights everywhere. Fire engines, trooper lights…all flashing. It was blinding. In fact, I couldn’t see which side the accident was on (as it turned out, it was on the left side and I passed by our overturned truck, but couldn’t see for all the cars and lights).

Barry told me not to come over. So I parked as close as I could. And waited and waited. I tried to walk up, but he made me turn back and sit in the car.

Finally he called and told me to come over and pick him up. The truck was being loaded onto a flat bed to be towed. Thank heavens for guardian angels and seatbelts. I debated about posting some pictures on the site, but I don’t think Barry or I could stand to see them. Ever see a picture and it makes your blood run cold? Literally?

The Trooper told Barry that most people don’t survive a crash like that, let alone walk away from it. Barry has cuts and scratches all over–a lot of knicks on his head, and the worst of it seems to be his wrist and fingers as he gripped the wheel, and his thigh as the steering wheel crashed on it. But he’s here and he’s still mine.

Both of us are dealing with certain nasties that go on in your head after a horrible event…him–the slowmo movie that hits when you stop thinking about anything. Me…the what if’s and the ‘I’m never letting him out of my sight again’.

Strange thing…I was having a REALLY hard time going out since I was on bedrest for so long. REALLY hard time…and I’m the one that if I didn’t go out everyday someplace, went nuts. Now, it’s like I’ve turned into a hermit and have to pry myself out the door to go any place. Then this happened and I want to go out even less. Strange reaction.

But I’ve come to realize that we hold each other a little tighter and longer, appreciate our seatbelts A LOT more, and really look forward to the day we can leave the traffic of Orlando far, far behind.

I’m really tired and will write later about the wonderful family halloween we had.

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