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Thursday, November 9, 2006

How I got schooled

The last little while has been a lot of fun, a lot of stress, and some things I hope to high heavens are never to be repeated. Here’s some schoolin’ that I’ve received lately.

Car insurance is wonderful to have. Hearing your husbands voice on the other end of the phone after you’ve heard his crash is priceless.

Health insurance would be nice…come on changing of the guard!!

Weekend waiting for your childs blood test results suck

Well intentioned dieticians who scare the crap out of you while handing out unsolicited advise regarding PKU suck.

There is a direct correlation between how “good” a christian is by the number of times they feel inclined to tell me they are a good christian.

Pizza Hut has the BEST lunch pizza buffet. Cici’s officially sucks.

Cadillac Williams is the coolest name. EVER. Well, isn’t it???

I have to accept that I won’t have everyones understanding, everyones love or everyone’s approval — even if it’s family. And move on.

No matter what, my adorable little boy has stinky feet. It’s just a fact.

Zebra Domes from Boma’s are THE best dessert. Ever. Luckily Barry took pity on me for my Birthday and let me chow down on them!! Back to Atkins.

There is always too much laundry to do. It multiplies when I”m not looking.

It’s amazing how much chocolate a kid can get over themselves just from eating 1 Raisinette.

Glad the Simpsons are back…just wish The Treehouse of Horror” hadn’t had sucked so badly.

Things everyone should be watching: Heroes, Jericco, Studio 60, My Name is Earl, and Prison Break .

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