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Sunday, November 12, 2006

I got to say ‘hi’ to the Superhero’s. I’ve GOT to!

Today we did a comic book show in Tampa. While we were parking the car Chloe got all excited when she saw Batman in the parking garage a few cars down from us. I was worried that she’d run over to him, but she restrained herself. When we got inside the hotel, “Batman” was chatting to an author who was sitting at a table. Chloe walked up and quietly started saying ‘hi’, ‘hi’, ‘hi’. A couple people started giggling and then “Batman” turned and saw Chloe and waved and chatted with her for a second. She was ecstatic!

Barry pressed the flesh and we all got to do a little shopping. While walking around the dealers room Chloe saw a group of costumed folks and got excited. “I’ve got to say ‘hi’ to the Superhero’s, I’ve GOT to!” she said and we took her over to meet them. They were amazingly cool and were tickled that she wanted to take a picture with them.

Chloe does her own Superhero pose. Her Superhero name is ‘Smarty Pants Girl’. Fox’s is Destructo Boy (that’s what Dad calls him, but *I* know his super SUPER secret identity is really Berserker Boy!)

Later as we made our around Chloe saw some ‘Hi Hi Puffy Ami Umi’ comics and of course we bought them for her. She really wanted some Futurama comics (or as she calls them Leila comics), but the Puffy comics were all we could find.

Barry bought some Mr Miracle comics…Kirby for a really good price. That made him really happy.

Fox was just a champ as usual. I took Chloe with me while I fed Molly and left Fox with Barry. He was great, never let go of Barry’s hand, and never got fussy the whole time we were away–which was quite a while.

Tonight I was putting Fox down to bed (he is the AWESOMEST kid ever when it comes to going to bed) and started going thru my routine with him…what we did that day, that I love him, etc…
I had BARELY started talking and he’s reaching for his crib just wanting to go to sleep and forget the chitchat. It had been a fun but long day for him.

This was Molly’s first comic show. A really nice dealer gave her a Wolverine comic as her first comic. It was nice of him. I’m amazed at how kind and generous folks are. We got to shows and people are just giving away things to the kids right and left. No wonder Chloe gets excited when we tell her we have a comic show to go to.

We stopped on our way home to get some dinner. We both felt like Chinese food and found a place. The food was so-so, but the company was fantastic.

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