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Monday, October 3, 2005

Love the birds

Love the birds.

Gotta throw in a few more birds. Here’s a pelican and a african crowned crane.

This girl was just sitting listening to her CD player. She was kinda lost in her own world in a guys please check me out kinda way.

Here’s some folks.

A cool gator I’m gonna start using.

Daring fashion sense. Not everyone can pull off blue lips. I like goth and I like punk but does everyone have to be so dower?

Zebra finches and an Amazon Parrot.

The lady with the braids was really funny. She was walking past and I just happened to draw her. Then about 15 minute later she stopped at the stand and started to talk to me.

I quickly closed my sketch bookI didn’t tell her I had just drawn here. That wouldda been kinda creepy.

I thought the guy with the knot in his beard was kinda funny. He seemed kinda in a pissed off mood though. Everytime I saw him walk past he was scowling and kinda had this aggressive movement with his shoulders. But he was fun to draw.

The yellow guy is an amazon parrot.

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