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Friday, October 14, 2005

Tonight was one of those perfect nights. I took the kids to the park after Barry left for work and we played for quite a while.

There were some other kids already there. Usually I hate when other kids are around…I find most of ’em…well, frankly, quite rude. From the looks of these kids they had that punky, angst vibe –they were somewhere in the tween ages, a couple were younger. One little girl was probably 5 or so.

Anyway, Chloe couldn’t wait to get out of the stroller and go play. I was kinda worried because the other times I been at the park and there’s kids there, she’s gotten pushed out of the way, seen kids making out, overheard other kids being…well, jerks. So I kinda wasn’t too excited to go to the park for any length of time.

The older kids had a football they had been tossing around. It was laying on the playground by the time I got Chloe out of the stroller. Chloe does love to play with balls. So she made a bee-line over to them and started to play with the ball. I was expecting the boys to be like my previous experience where some other kids had had a ball and just left it there while they played, but when Chloe went up to the ball, they suddenly got all possessive and grabbed the ball only to set it down again away from her.

Well, not this time. Much to my surprise, these were really, really nice kids. They let her play with the football, tossed it to her a couple times, and were extremely careful about how rough they played around her. Yep, like I needed to feel like a schmuck.

The topper was Chloe got back into the stroller when I told her it was time to leave. No big crying jag, no having to chase her down, she got in the stroller when I asked and we went home.

My big girl!

Even bath time tonight was a breeze. I put Chloe in the tub to play while I gave Fox his bath.

I think someone switched the kids because there were no fights tonight, no tears (well, except when it came time to brush Chloe’s teeth, then she screamed like a banshee). But that lasted only a little while.

She even told ME she wanted to take a nap. So I put her in her crib, not even a whimper.

The planets must have aligned right, the gods smiled down upon me kindly, because it’s seldom do I have nights like this. Boy was it nice!!!

Saw this guy talking with his friends. He had a cool look. His friends…not so much.

So it’s almost mid-October…that means it’s time for Disney to start hawkin’ the Christmas stuff!!

Oh, those silly Brits!

So I’m trying to convince Barry to let me redesign the Familiar characters Chloe and Maggie. He ain’t going for it. Wish I had started off like this, damn those style changes!!!

Watched ” A Man for All Seasons” this week. Costumes were too cool.

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