I sooooo love February for the LoVe, romance, the fun, the color pink, and ohhhhh….the cHoCoLaTe!

Here’s my February First doodle..Cookey’s in Bed.  This one was fun to do. I kinda wanted to play with the ‘I wouldn’t toss them outta bed for eating cookies’ saying.

She’s Cookey.  Well, it sounded better in my head.  But I enjoyed drawing and coloring her anyway.

I’m trying to get more comfortable with digital coloring. Its hard for me. I’d much rather watercolor. That’s my comfort media.

And color holds?? I’m still trying to learn those. Barry keeps telling me to “use layers!”. I mean to, I just forget and then I mess things up.

But I still have fun and that’s the main thing, right?

Kiss the love(s) of your life–frequently and often.
Give chocolates to a stranger.
Eat a few more chocolates then you should. It’s good for you.