I swear this year I’ll update more!
I’m mostly active on Instagram and Facebook–you can easily find me under jennigregory at either place .  Boring, I know.

So what’s been happening.  Got to do a couple of covers for the fine folks at American Mythology.  Here’s my Casper cover.  It’s supposed to be out this week or last, but I’ve not seen it.  Our local comic shop didn’t order  any.  Gah!
It was a lot of fun to do.  Actually it was a dream to do–I LOVED Casper cartoons so it was a super treat for me.  I’ve never done licensed stuff on this scale.  You do your doodle, send it off, it has to get approved by DreamWorks, ya make the fixes, do the colors, make the fixes send it off again…It’s super different then creator owned work.  I’d love to do more  and absolutely hope I can.  I also learned that covers are one thing–licensed panel to panel stuff is for da big kids lol.

Anyway, If you find it in your local shop, post a pic of you holding it send me your snail mail and I might send ya a quick doodle!