Given that Valentines Day right around the corner, I was thinking about chocolates (ok. I’m *always* thinking about chocolates!!). Then my thoughts quickly shifted to just whoooooo makes the best chocolates and the story of Lady Godiva popped into my head. And I thought about the elements I wanted to put in my piece. I knew I wanted to draw a draft horse–just because they’re so darn cool to draw.

I knew I wanted Lady G to be a red head! Too many times Lady G is drawn as a cowering, huddled behind the hair, blonde. I don’t think of her that way. To take up that kinda dare, our girlfriend Lady G got some spunk!
So a feisty, smirking red head she is!

Tried to do some new, scary things: red heads, animals, buildings, metals. This was the most architecture I’ve colored on the computer. I’m getting more comfortable. I didn’t run screaming for my watercolor palette at the end of the day or end up in a huddled heap in the corner…anymore :O)

Go eat some chocolates, do something scary, pet a nice horse (or red head!), and create 2018!!