We are living through historic and fascinating times. I want to document who we are, what we are doing and going through.

If you are a family (single, couple, etc) that lives in the Davenport or Haine City, FL area (within a 5-10 mile area MAX) I’d love to invite you to become involved in a photography project I’m participating in– #thefrontstepsproject.

PLEASE READ EVERYTHING and then DM me if you are interested to set up a date/time for you and your family.

The Front Steps Project is a wonderful way photographers are journaling this particular moment in history. We want to document who we are, what we’re going through, our community, friends and family.

For this project, I will arrange a time with your family to photograph you OUTSIDE your home on your porch or..front step. I will photograph you from my car or I may need to stand immediately beside my vehicle but absolutely no closer than that.

Maintaining social distance is a must and it is non-negotiable. I will not come close to or enter any house for any reason.

I will edit the photos and email or Google Drive you digital copies—you can expect generally around 3-10 files. Depending on volume of participation it may take me a week or two to get your photos to you. You can post them, print them, email them, etc.

~I am ONLY doing this on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-7 pm.
~This is 100% free
~The photo session will last about 5-10 min at most That’s it.
~You must be willing to let me share your picture in print and on social media: Facebook, Instagram, etc
~I will text you when I am 5-10 minutes away from your house
~Can I do this if I live in an apartment? Sure! If you have a balcony that I can see from a parking lot or safe street.
~I will not get physically closer than 6-10 feet. Most likely I will simply stay in my vehicle.
~I will email you printable and postable image files within 5-10 days.
~You can stage your porch anyway you want it: signs, decorations–feel free to go crazy etc.
~You MUST have your area ready by the time I get there. I will not wait for you to set up.
~You are more than welcome to stage your area however you want.
~If you want a simple sitting family pose—great!!
~Wanna dress up? Wear a costume? Fantastic!
~Can I have my pet in the picture? Absolutely!
~You must not have a vehicle parked in front of the area I will be photographing.
~Keep as much space for me to be able to take a clear photograph of you and your family.
~this may be subject to change should we be placed on further lockdown, if I feel it too risky or unsafe or if I need to cancel your appointment for whatever reason. But I will notify you.

Have friends you think might be willing to participate? Fantastic! Please forward/share this with them.

I am happily volunteering my skills and time and this photoshoot is 100% totally FREE. I recognize many of us are out of work and frightened for what lies ahead. If at all possible I would like you to consider making a small monetary donation to support a non-profit organization that means a lot to me and The Arts in our community.
In addition to being an avid photographer, I am a comic book artist and freelance illustrator. I have been honored to participate as an exhibiting artist in ArtCrawl for the past 3 years and I know what this wonderful organization does for this community.
Truly–The Arts matter.
A small donation — even $10 would go a long way to helping. This donation is purely on the honor system. I will NEVER know if you do or don’t make a donation. But at a time like this, we have all come to realize just how vital The Arts are.
So please consider making a donation to ArtCrawl.
Again— This is NOT required AT ALL. I am happy and so excited to photograph you and your family totally for free.

Here is a direct link to ArtCrawl’s donation page: