A huge thank you to EvErYoNe at Pensacon!  This was my second year attending–first time ever as a guest and both times I’ve never been treated better or had a better time at a show.
Mike Ensly, Steve Weiss–thank you.  Thank you for running the best show I’ve ever attended, to every unique opportunity I got to experience, for your passions for culture, film, comics, all things entertainment and beyond, and love of your city and for just going above and beyond…just thank you and you are truly amazing people.  You both are gracious, fun, witty and great to be around.

Thank you to the many, many, many volunteers–you cannot attend this show in any capacity, from person just walking in to celebrity guest, and not be overwhelmed by the volunteers at Pensacon.  These people are *right* there. Every time. Always offering, willing and happy to help.  Watch your table?  Help transport you someplace? Needed info?  Had to get to a panel?  Someone to chat with?  They are there!

These guys are top!  I don’t know how much time is spent on training this army of hardy souls, but they’re top notch workers and their kindness, cheerfulness and willingness help can’t go unmentioned.  You guys are a pleasure!

Pensacola–You are an awesome town:  Unique flavor, vibe and history at every corner!  You are situated in a spot that brings culture, comics and entertainment together from many surrounding states and cities.  I loved to talk to local people who just for curiosity wanted to come see what Pensacon was about.  They’d heard and seen the advertisements and just bought a ticket to get their own experience.  Your locals really seem to be behind you and that’s pretty amazing.

Pensacon 2019’s planing is already well underway–no days taken for resting, no time for catching your breath! I’ve heard some pretty darn amazing guests already announced!

I can’t wait to see YOU there!!