Of course, the Coronavirus is occupying every second of our day.  It consumes me. I wanted to work a virus-ey type image in the background. The Coronavirus molecule really is kinda lovely.  

Four of the recent pieces/doodles I’ve done have been cyborgian things with holes in the chest. 

I just liked the design.  Or so I thought.

I’ve had asthma and thankfully it’s been super fantastically under control even with a big, bad fuzzy dog.  Then I caught an icky, nasty lung infection that has ended up lasting over a month.  I hadn’t ever had anything subconscious enter into my pieces like this.  Usually, if something is there I intentionally put it there.  This one kinda jolted me. 

I insert symbolism (usually humorous stuff that only I will get) quite a bit.  But the chest thing was utterly unthinking and I’m usually not that kinda person.

Stay apart, stay healthy and make a lot of art!